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Castle Surgical Services

We offer general and minimally invasive surgical procedures

Castle’s surgery department provides a comprehensive range of general surgical services as well as a variety of laparoscopic/minimally invasive surgical procedures. Your comfort and safety matter to us, which is why we strive to find the least-invasive treatment option for every patient. Our compassionate team will be by your side through every step of your operation, from preparation through recovery.

We are committed to patient safety

Each year, more than 4,000 surgeries are performed in our inpatient and outpatient facilities. Many of these patients receive the minimally invasive procedures. Minimally invasive surgery uses advanced imaging devices to perform the surgery. Thanks to this technology, we only need to make a few strategic incisions to perform the operation. This reduces the risk of infection, makes the procedure easier for the surgeon, and speeds up your recovery time.

Castle’s surgical services include:








Ear, nose, and throat



Peripheral vascular


Our team will be happy to review your surgical procedure with you in detail. Surgery can be an intimidating experience, but you have control over how your medical care proceeds.

Let us know your questions and concerns. Surgery is only recommended when a physician believes it will significantly benefit the patient. You deserve to know why your team has recommended this option.