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As an internationally recognized centre of excellence in cancer care, we host a pioneering team of world-leading cancer consultants, clinical nurse specialists, counsellors and specialist physios, all under one roof.

At Cromwell Hospital, we diagnose and treat all types of cancer, including breast, bowel, blood, gynecological, prostate, liver, lung, skin, gastrointestinal, and thyroid cancers. As well as access to a world-leading clinical team, we also offer rapid diagnostics, genetic testing, and leading cancer treatments including minimally invasive and robotic surgery, advanced radiotherapy, and some of the latest cancer drugs.

Rapid diagnostic pathways

We offer a full range of diagnostic services for cancer, including MRI, CT, PET-CT, ultrasound, mammography, and endoscopy.

We also offer a series of rapid diagnostic pathways, designed to give patients a quick diagnosis and rapid access to expert consultants. Many of our diagnostic pathways allow patients to have their consultations and all scans/tests on the same day, under one roof.

Genetic testing

Each patient, and each cancer case is different. As such, we tailor our treatment pathways to each individual patient. A comprehensive genetics service, overseen by our Clinical Geneticist and team of world-leading oncologists, allows us to both understand a patient’s predisposition to cancer, and the specific genetic mutation of an existing cancer – therefore tailoring a targeted and effective treatment plan.

Some types of cancer are more commonly associated with certain genes, and patients with these genes are more at risk of developing cancer. For example, patients with an altered BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene are more at risk of developing breast cancer. There are more than 100 gene variants associated with an increased risk of breast, prostate and ovarian cancer, and genetic testing can help identify these variants.

Understanding the genetics behind cancer can not only help with diagnosis, but it can also guide consultants on deciding what treatment or medicine will work best for each individual patient.

Multidisciplinary teams

Although each patient will have a lead consultant throughout their journey, they’ll also benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to care. This means that before treatment commences, each patient case is reviewed by a panel of experts, including oncologists, radiologists, hematologists, and surgeons from world-leading cancer centers and the most respected NHS teaching hospitals. Together, the team reviews and assesses every diagnosis to recommend the best treatment plan for each unique case.

Our consultants work alongside our dedicated cancer care team, which includes clinical nurse specialists, oncology counselors, cancer exercise specialists, and a dedicated physiotherapy team, to provide patients with personalized care and recovery plan.

Pioneering cancer drugs

Our experienced pharmacy team has access to all established drug regimens, as well as access to the latest cancer drugs. Being at the forefront of these new medicines means our patients have access to targeted cancer drugs that can both treat their cancer and reduce their symptoms and pain.

Where suitable, patients may undergo what is described as adjuvant therapy, where chemotherapy medications are administered after surgery. This is designed to kill any small, remaining cancer cells to significantly reduce the chances of recurrence or relapse.

World-leading radiotherapy

We are proud to be partnered with GenesisCare, the leading private provider of radiotherapy services in the UK. Together we provide one of the most advanced oncology care pathways in Europe, with access to pioneering technology including the Gamma Knife Icon for brain and spinal tumors, and the Varian Edge for all tumor types.

Find out more about our partnership with GenesisCare.

Counseling and emotional support

Our specialist Macmillan Cancer Counsellor, Helen Story, offers an integral support service to our patients and their familiesHelen is a qualified psychotherapist and specialist cancer counselor, with over 20 years of experience in giving emotional support to those impacted by cancer: both patients and their families, including children.

Helen offers a safe, confidential setting where patients can talk honestly about their feelings and any concerns they have.

Find out more about our cancer counseling.