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Imaging Services

Board-certified radiologists in Kailua

Castle’s Imaging Services offer a complete range of diagnostic and interventional procedures. Our staff of registered radiologic technologists, board-certified radiologists, registered nurses, and patient access representatives are committed to providing the highest-quality, patient-centered service to our patients and physicians.

X-Ray & Digital Imaging

We offer a full range of digital diagnostic testing

X-ray is used to evaluate the chest, spine, skull, extremities, hips, pelvis and abdomen for suspected fractures and other indications of injury or abnormality.

What is an X-ray exam?

X-ray technology was invented completely by accident. In 1895, a German physicist named Wilhelm Rontgen made the discovery of X-rays while experimenting with electron beams in a gas discharge tube. His remarkable discovery led to one of the most important medical advancements in human history.

X-ray technology lets doctors see straight through human tissue to examine broken bones, cavities and swallowed objects with extraordinary ease. Modified X-ray procedures can be used to examine softer tissue, such as your lungs, blood vessels or intestines.

DXA Scan

bone density scan

Castle is pleased to offer DXA scanning to measure both bone mineral density and body composition. DXA stands for dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, a scanning technology that uses low-dose X-rays.

DXA scanning for bone mineral density

When used to test bone mineral density, DXA scanning checks for signs of mineral loss and bone thinning. The areas X-rayed are usually the hip, hand, spine, or foot. The most accurate results are given when testing is performed on the spine and hip.

A bone density exam delivers about one-quarter to one-tenth of the radiation that occurs during an ordinary chest X-ray. It’s a simple, painless, and non-invasive process that takes only about 15 minutes.

Who takes the test?

Generally, DXA scanning for bone mineral density is recommended for:

  • All women age 65 and older and all men 70 and older, even without symptoms
  • Women younger than 65 who have additional risk for osteoporosis, such as:
    • Estrogen deficiency
    • A history of maternal hip fracture that occurred after the age of 50
    • Low body mass (less than 127 pounds)
    • A history of amenorrhea (no menstrual periods) for more than one year before age 42
  • Individuals with medical conditions that could alter the bone mineral density, such as:
    • Conditions associated with secondary osteoporosis, including gastrointestinal malabsorption or malnutrition, sprue, osteomalacia, vitamin D deficiency, endometriosis, acromegaly, chronic alcoholism or established cirrhosis, and multiple myeloma
    • Rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory joint diseases
    • Gastric bypass for obesity
    • Prolonged immobilization
    • Chronic renal failure
    • Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia
    • A transplanted organ

DXA scanning for body composition

Body composition measurements made with a DXA scan can, with accuracy and precision, look beyond weight and traditional body mass index (BMI) to determine and monitor how much of your body is fat, bone, and lean muscle. Body composition DXA exams can provide useful regional and total body information to healthcare professionals in their management of conditions in which the condition itself or its treatment can affect the relative amounts of fat and lean tissue.

Who takes the test?

DXA scanning for body composition may be recommended for:

  • Obesity and weight management
  • Diet and exercise regimens
  • Athletes

It may also be recommended for those with:

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Chronic renal failure
  • Cystic fibrosis


If you are interested in having a total body composition or bone density test and you do not have a physician order, you may find it useful to read one of our informational brochures before you speak with your doctor about what is right for you.


Breast cancer screenings on O’ahu

Warm, calm, and private, the Women’s Imaging Center features state-of-the-art imaging technology in a convenient and comfortable facility designed exclusively for women. Throughout your treatment, you’ll be cared for a relaxing, spa like setting.

Adventist Health Castle’s mammography program is accredited through the American College of Radiology. This accreditation means that our mammography program has the benefit of peer review and constructive feedback on staff qualifications, equipment, quality control, quality assurance, image quality, and radiation dose.

Castle’s mammography program was peer-reviewed in 2014 by an on-site survey team consisting of a board-certified radiologist, a medical physicist, and an American College of Radiology staff member. Their comments about our program included:

  • “Excellent quality-control program.”
  • “Excellent policy, procedures, and staff qualifications.”

Clinical expertise and technology

Training, knowledge, and experience matter. Castle, you’ll benefit directly from a team of recognized experts dedicated to using imaging to promote women’s health. All women’s imaging personnel — including radiologists, technologists, and medical physicists — have met or exceeded the minimum education requirements for their specialties.

All of our radiologists are board-certified by the American Board of Radiology. Our technologists are all nationally recognized as board-certified with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and are licensed by the state of Hawaii.

All Castle’s women’s imaging personnel are subject to several hours of mandatory continuing education directly relating to breast health and breast imaging. Our subspecialty radiologists and clinical and specialized staff use the newest tools available to help screen, diagnose and treat a spectrum of conditions affecting women.

About our imaging services

Castle offers an integrated care team approach to breast cancer detection, treatment, and support as we strive to provide excellence in breast healthcare to women on Windward O’ahu. Our mammography and ultrasound units are staffed with experienced technologists and office staff who work closely with radiologists throughout the day.

Our center provides:

  • 3D digital mammography
  • Softer mammogram
  • Private ultrasound suites
  • Personalized care from our breast health patient navigator
  • Short waiting periods and a beautiful waiting area
  • A special gift for all of our patients